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Maha Mantra - East & West

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  The newly released double album by Atmarama dasa, "Maha Mantra – East & West" weaves together musical influences from around the globe with the common thread of the Maha Mantra, the 'Great Mantra' for deliverance.

The Maha Mantra can be sung or chanted at anytime by anyone, as it knows no limits. Most of the melodies on this album have been beautifully composed by Atmarama himself, while others are traditional Vaishnava tunes. The spiritual world is full of variety and this album is a clear and pure reflection of that fact.

Many devotional artists collaborated on this album, coming together to create this masterpiece, demonstrating the maturity of Atmarama's musical genius.



Love Inside
Radhika's Love
God is Love
For Gopal
Sweet Mahamantra
Happy Mahamantra
To George Harrison
Jaya Prabhupada


Moonlight Mahamantra
Bengali Mahamantra
Kartika Mahamantra
Vrindavan Mahamantra

Devoted musicians

Atmarama dasa:
voice, guitar, and harmonium

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