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New release!
On the way to Krishna

Recorded in the blissful environment of Vrindavan Dham, this CD is a natural progression; first expressing the importance of sankirtan, then glorifying various incarnations of Krishna, gradually approaching the Divine Couple.  There is a sweetness and simplicity in the recording that is tangible, very much like the mood of Vraj.  Acoustic instruments accompanied by celestial vocals give a sense of heavenly eternity and the ever present joy of the spiritual world.  It inspires everyone to sing along and dive deep into the nectar of Radha and Krishna´s divine love.


Arunodaya kirtana
Sri Dasavatara
Sri Nrisimha
Brahma Gayatri

Narada Muni
Sri Tulasi
Sri Vraja Dhama
Jayo Radha Madhava

Devoted musicians

Atmarama dasa:
voice, guitar, and harmonium

Krishnapriya devi dasi: kartals

Deva Sekharah das: mridanga

Beijing Yatra

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