“I'm floating on a cloud of enjoyment left over from last night's stunningly beautiful Kirtan. Even before you sang, we could see the purity of spirit you present. As you began to sing we were in awe. I expected to encounter a wave of bhakti, but I was surprised to be swept up and cleansed. Thank you. I came home floating on a cloud of enjoyment, the same one I'm still riding.
When I try to describe the effect of your performances to friends I struggle to find the words. It is something that cannot be described and when you try your heart aches. I have received so much inspiration from your presence.”
- Snehan (Senior Integral Yoga instructor & teacher trainer)
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Barcelona Janmastami
The amazing Janmastami festival in Barcelona, Spain.
2009 tour – Cuba Libre!

Chicago Sivananda
2009 U.S. tour – With Sivananda diciples in Chicago

2009 U.S. tour – ISKCON New York

New York Sivananda Ranch
2009 U.S. tour – In Sivananda Ranch concert
Sivananda Bahamas
2009 U.S. tour – In Bahamas with Sivananda diciples
Toronto selections
2009 U.S. tour – The Toronto selections