“Your presence and your talents are always received as a precious gift and inspiration to all.
Thank you for your kindness in taking time to enrich our lives with kirtan.
Our thoughts are with you.
Continue with your music to bring light and love to all around you. With our heart felt wishes for you, and your wife, Krishnapriya, we look forward to seeing you again soon.”

- Swami Swaroopananda and all staff of the Sivananda Yoga Retreat, Nassau, Bahamas.

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April 2005 – Tour of Colombia & Ecuador, 20 benefit concerts in 40 days organized by Vrinda Yoga Organization

Miami 2005 - Gaura Purnima Festival –  concert on Gaura Purnima in temple performing Sri Siksastakam, devotee program, bhajans in Miami Beach with devotees

December 2005 – Sivananda Yoga Retreat in the Bahamas, Unity in Diversity, Christmas Symposium of Religious & Spiritual Leaders New Year’s Eve concert & celebration